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June 3, 2011, 10:01 am
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April 15, 2011, 5:00 am
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“Along with big-wave surfing and high-altitude ultramarathons, eating is an extreme sport here. Which explains why, on a recent Saturday night, Tipay Corpuz, 21, a technology specialist for Apple, took a break from blogging about her obsession with fried chicken and waffles to join 2,500 fellow food geeks at theUnderground Night Market.”


Thanks Patti fron NYTIMES

900 Grayson Review
February 22, 2011, 5:14 am
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First of all…the wait wasn’t soo bad around 2:30pm on a monday (on a holiday) and it was nice because when we got seated  very close to the people next to us.  Once they left, we were able to squeeze the two tables together and have one large table.  The frenchie waiter was nice, responsive and even refilled our water jug 3 times.  KUDOS YOU.
Let me just add the description for 900 Grayson’s Chicken and Waffle:They call it…the DEMON LOVER.  Spicy Buttermilk Fried Fulton Valley Chicken Paillard, Buttermilk Waffle & Old-Fashioned Cream Gravy or Vermont Maple Syrup for 12 bucks.
The chicken was delectable and all I wanted to do was pour syrup all over the take my first bite.  I sliced my first bite and it was juicy, with a kick of spice at the end. (very important, that little bit of kick made the entire experience)
Of course I asked for both Syrup and Gravy, rotating between the two different flavors throughout the dish.  I must admit that the gravy won over the syrup.  I was completely satisfied after Brunch and I must say this must have been one of the best on my challenge.  900 Grayson understands the perfection of how the chicken cannot over power the waffle nor the syrup or sauce.
The waffle wasn’t too crispy but it didn’t matter because together it was an explosion of flavors in my mouth.
if you hear my rants about how the waffle must be crispy and perfect.   I know now that if the combo is right.  The waffle doesn’t have to be extra crispy.

Vince, my partner in crime in this mission agreed with me, that the gravy was on hit.  I would most definitely come back to try their other menu items but It will be hard to resist the chicken and waffle because I am now a “demon Lover”

Hard Knox Review
February 20, 2011, 8:59 pm
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Hard Knox.
I was having a bad day and I knew that Chicken and Waffles will just make my day.  And if you ever want just chicken and waffles. HARD KNOX will have it.
All they give you is …three pieces of chicken, a large belgium waffle and syrup. Both Cooked in perfection but nothing special about it.  Their fried chicken is always amazing and the fact that they give you free corn bread muffin before just makes it worth the drive to richmond or the fact you cannot find parking in this neighborhood-ever.

I feel that hard knox does a great recipe of chicken but come on, spice it up a bit.  Add a gravy that isn’t your plain gravy.

I finished the entire plate all by myself and It was a great portion but was too plain.

Thanks Hard Knox. I’ll come back for sure but for Chicken and Waffles, maybe somewhere else.

Don’t get me wrong. their menu is great and come through to see their greatly priced southern food menu and beer on tap.

Brown Sugar Kitchen
February 20, 2011, 8:56 pm
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I started off my challenge here on Jan 2nd, 2011
I’ve been here again since.

Twice in 2 months, that says something right?

The Chicken is a great size but the two waffles just isn’t enough.  Of course I ordered another order.

The chicken was extremely delicious that was topped off with their special maple syrup and butter.  The waffle was made with cornmeal and not the traditional buttermilk.  It’s extra crispy that you appreciate when you’ve been to places that just isn’t crispy enough.
If you are a huge fan of the Buttermilk, try not to compare because this daring choice is perfect to add that special spin to Chicken and Waffles.

The two components together complement each other, and it does make a difference!

My second time coming here I brought an entourage of 8 and waited 2 hours.  Do not come with more than 4 people.

Overall, this place is great and might be one of the top of my list.  I’ve been to 6 so far to date.

Little Skillet Review
February 20, 2011, 8:55 pm
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I put an hour on the meter because Little Skillet is notorious for their long lines but as I turned the corner there was no line to be seen.  I was excited.

I ordered a Three piece chicken and two waffle orders.  15 bucks.  Not bad and free water out in their stand of all biodegradable utensils.

I open my two boxes and of course I get two good proportioned chickens and the third piece was super small. (I ordered chicken to afterwards too, a two piece.  ONE EXTRA LARGE and one EXTRA SMALL)

The chicken was like butter, melted in my mouth.  Perfectly deep fried with batter that wasn’t too thick or over powering.  They even had honey packets and my friend Joe  from virginia was excited because honey is key to some good southern chicken. (quoted by joe)

The waffle on the other had was soft and not crispy.  If you don’t know much about my challenge,  I am trying to find the best chicken and waffle combination.  The way to eat it is to eat it together smothered in maple syrup.

And Little Skillet’s Chicken and Waffle wasnt good together but the chicken was the best soo far.

too bad they won’t win my challenge =)

Either they fix their recipe for waffles or stop taking pictures that make it LOOK amazing.

I’d still go back and try the rest of their menu if it wasn’t such a hustle to get there.  (they close at 3 or 2 or something ridiculous)

Oola review
February 20, 2011, 8:50 pm
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Chicken and Waffles Review
for Teepz Chicken and Waffle Challenge
“finding the best in the

bay area”

I went here on my Valentine’s Day Brunch the day before Valentines Day with my best girl friend and had a great time.  The service was great and the food came out fast.  We were pressed for time but the CHICKEN AND WAFFLES came out quickly but I think i know why.

Oola’s chicken was fabulous. It had a hint of lemony zest that stuck out even with the maple syrup smoothering the chicken and waffle.  The presentation was different than I’ve ever seen.  Instead of Chicken thigh or Wings, they were chicken nuggets all over the waffle.  It made it very easy to eat.

The waffle on the other hand, was soft and not crispy.  I feel it is very necessary for Waffles in Chicken and Waffles to be crispy because of the maple syrup that you pour all over.

They apparently have free mimosa for brunch special but the waiter didn’t mention it at all even though he knew I am an avid yelper.  It’s okay, he was still nice. I didn’t want to drink anyways.

The place is beatiful and worth going to to check out their brunch menu or their dinner and drinks.  I’ll come again and try something else but for Chicken and Waffles.  But for next time ask for extra crispy waffle and you’ll be better satisfied.  I don’t believe I was full afterwards either.  I might order an appetizer before my entree.